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Hear. Go. Create. Live.

The orchestra follows the maestro. The maestro follows notes on a page.  The notes on the page are poured from the hand of the composer.  The composer captures a muse in the air.  The mysterious sound of inspiration is not something we capture but something that captures us. Great art is not found in force of will, but in choice of surrender.  The willingness to surrender in a moment.  A moment to listen.  A Moment to hear. A moment to respond.

The action is far from passive and full of skill.  Patience and discipline are required to hear and respond.  The beauty in the moment of inspiration can overwhelm us to remain in a station of emotion.  The call is sounded and we hear. But if the notes, the paint, the words never make it to the page, then it is questionable if we truly heard at all.  I have dreamt several times that I could fly.  The emotion remains, the feeling remains, the moment remains. But I never flew.  I never soared.  It was only a dream.  So are moments of inspiration if we only hear her call.

We must be ready.  We must truly hear.  The artist is no artist if they listen only.  The artist must respond.  All have creative ideas, but only the artist shares them in notes, canvass, and word.  With the call is a command. Go. Send. Share.

The Holy Spirit; the author of life, the creator of beauty, the foundation of grace.  He hovered over the waters and brought forth life.  He called into the air and light appear.  The inspiration to inspiration, the muse of muse, the creator of the created from whence all true ideas and living flow; Holy Spirit.  He calls to you, oh composer.  He calls to you, maestro.  He calls to you, teacher, doctor, retailer, realtor.  He calls to mother, daughter, father, son.  He calls to you the lost and lonely.  He calls to you the angry and violent.  To the disenfranchised, the skeptic, and suspicious; he calls to you.  He calls and calls to inspire, love, guide, and grace.  He calls with hope, with light, with healing.  He calls your name with life in his hands.  Inspired life.

There is no condemnation.  He knows we condemn ourselves already.  There is only transformation.  There is only life.  Are you listening composer, maestro, teacher?  Are you listening creation of God?  Be still. Listen.

Don’t let this be a dream.  Don’t let this be a moment of emotion. Don’t let this be a singular moment of your life. Let it be a catalyst.  Surrender. Hear not just the call. Hear the command. Go. Send. Share.  You have been given a note. A line. A life. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.  Be disciplined to hear.  Be encouraged to respond.  Be inspired to live.


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