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A Life Saved

There is a show I like to watch from time to time called, “I Shouldn’t Have Survived”.  The show interviews and reenacts dramatic tales of survival.  There are stories of people surviving Bear attacks, mountain climbing tragedies, and open ocean disasters, to name just a few.  They are amazing stories.

This morning I was reading Exodus and the story of Moses and his ride in a basket down the nile, his grown up murder of an Egyptian, and his subsequent flee for his life out of Egypt.  It seemed like the story of Moses has a lot of “I shouldn’t have survived” moments.  I was only in chapter 2.

The stories on that television show are quite extraordinary.  After reading Exodus, I noticed something else.  More than likely the most extraordinary thing that will happen to most of these people is a seriously bad vacation.  Rescue.  Their life rescued has become the narrative of their life.  Rescue is not a bad narrative.  These are tremendous stories, indeed.  But, what happens after?

Only two chapters in and Moses has been rescued twice.  He settled into comfort afterward.  Who could blame him.  Newly married, a fun father-in-law, and a decent job, he’s living the Hebrew dream.  Moses, however, is not defined by rescue, but by mission.  His salvation does not rest with him alone and does not end in complacent rest.  As soon as God delivers him from the frying pan, he sends him to the kettle.

Most people ,when asked what Moses is known for, will say, “delivering the Hebrews from slavery”.  This is true and important, but only a small portion of Exodus deals with the, well, Exodus.  Exodus chronicles the movement of God through Moses leading a people to God, to a promise, to a land, to an identity. Salvation wasn’t the end, it was a means to an end.  Salvation was a pathway to living.  The amazing thing in the history of the Hebrews is not that they were saved from Egypt, but that they became a nation.

What are you becoming?  Is the most significant thing in your life your deliverance or where God is leading you?  Deliverance is crucial, but it is just the beginning.  Don’t be defined by what you were saved from, but live in to what you are saved for; an abundant life of sharing life.


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