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Walmart.  Walmart is a strange place.  I have decided that there is really only one Walmart in in the US and whenever we walk through the doors of our respective Walmart, we are transported to one located on the island where the TV show Lost is located.  It appears to be the same people.  I am not casting judgement, I am there as well.  I simply find it fascinating.

I do not go often, but today I needed my weekly supply of  40 pounds of dog food (don’t judge me), a plastic pool, hot dog buns,  bread, lighter, and “opsicles” as Sydney calls them. Come one, that’s a fascinating shopping list.  Once Syd and I loaded up the dog food (I have 3 dogs ok, leave me alone) we passed the dog toy section.  Sydney, who knows the difference between dog toys and baby toys as I do (not much) camps out here for a few minutes before grabbing 2 squeaky fish and a squeaky star fish.  Armed and squeaky, we pass by the live fish tank.  Little splashes of blue, silver, red, and orange darted back in forth while Sydney laughed. An oasis of kid entertainment in the middle of a world of stuff we only think we need because it’s cheap.

We stayed there just long enough for me to actually start thinking that we needed fish.  While I was contemplating this, two little girls, probably 4, came by.  One felt the need to tell me the name of all the fish.  There was a goldfish, a beta fish, a sucker fish, Bob, a mini shark tail fish.  I was personally fascinated by the Bob fish.  It was new to me.  Another little girl came by (is this where women learn to just gather and talk) and said matter of factly, “My fish died” to which the other 4 year old replied sincerely, “aww, that’s too bad”.  It’s like a mini women’s auxiliary. The only difference is that it’s not, “hey did you hear? Maude died last week, she was 84”. And likewise, the girls went on to talk about other fish.

After the kibitzing among the 4 year olds, they turn to Syd, my 2 year old who is holding one of the squeaky fish, minding her own business and sitting in her cart.  The other girl reaches in our cart to “borrow” the fish (again, squeaky not real).  This does not bode well with Sydney, so she gathers all her toys into her arms.  The other girl (I’m wondering where her mother is at this point) looks to me and asks, “why won’t she share?”   Now, I know adults are perplexed why their kids are reluctant to share a toy.  After all, it’s only plastic and they’ll return it right?  My cousin told me once to imagine a bunch of adults who don’t know each other, sitting in a circle, then asked to place their wallets in the middle.  Now imagine everyone grabbing other peoples wallets and telling each other, you’ll get it back.  Anxiety attacks! To the child, that is what it is like.  So I don’t feel bad not encouraging my 2 year old whose reasoning skills are minimal to give a child who reached into her safety zone her toy.I told the little girl that I didn’t know.  I thought to myself, the reason is that Sydney is 2 and neither she nor I know you and seriously, where’s your mom.

This got me to thinking about what we hold tightly too and why we don’t share with God.  I wonder how often we feel like Sydney when God is working in our lives.  We feel like he is taking something away from us, that he wants to diminish us in some way.  Diminished, isn’t that really why we don’t like letting things out of our control?  We feel like something is being taken from us.  Think about that times that you have known that God was asking you to do something or directing you in a direction you really didn’t want to go.  Why was their resistance?

I think one of the reasons we resist is that we do not trust the voice we hear, or we do trust but me misunderstand the motives.  In either case it means that we don’t know the God we say we believe as well as we think.  Could it be that our resistance to hear is a lack of trust in Christ?  Could it be our resistance to share our life with God is our lack of knowledge of who he is?  If I told you that the better you knew God, the easier it would be to hear, follow, and trust, would you actually take the time to get to know Him?  This weekend I will be preaching from John 10 where Jesus tells the disciples that the sheep know the shepherds voice and follow.  We will be reflecting upon how experience is a great way for us to learn to hear and trust.  This means we have to put in some kind of effort.  The Ball is now in your court, or the squeaky toy is in your cart.  What will you do?


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