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Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated April 4th 1968.  A horrible act that turned a man’s living into martyrdom.  He was a man who had a dream of racial and class equality, a life where men and women were judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.  A dream that did not die but continues to work its way through life.

Dreams and visions are of vital importance in our lives.  To dream means we must recognize the potential of greatness to come.  To dream means that we stand in the presence of a reality we are not satisfied is as yet completed. To dream means we are not satisfied with ourselves enough to sit and rest.  Many people dream, but few of us live lives that reflect the hope we believe will come.

What made Martin Luther King, Jr. the giant we imagine him to be today is not that he was martyred and it is not that he delivered amazing speeches. What made him a force of hope was not only that he believed his dream, but that he also lived that dream before it became a reality.  He respected others before he was respected.  He was honest with others before they were honest with him.  He did this because he must have known that any dream worth living must begin with the character of that dream in the present reality.

Jesus preached that the kingdom of heaven is here now in part and one day it will be completed.  We talk of “one day” living in heaven and what that will be like. But what use is living in heaven standards “one day” if we are not willing to live heaven standards now? Jesus says we can step into the reality of heaven now.  He says it won’t be easy, but he is with us every step of the way.  But don’t you dream of knowing what it would be like to live in the freedom to love your enemies, bless those who curse you, live as light in a world of darkness, and bring a taste of goodness to a world that feeds on bitterness?  What is your dream?  Are you willing to start living it now?


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